Tim’s Visit To Bandito Brothers

Tim was the second place winner for our “Where’s the 5D” online contest. He came to Bandito Brothers this week to meet me for lunch. It was an amazing experience for both of us! Tim is very bright with a vast knowledge of still photography.

Tim checking out the lights used on "Terminator:Salvation"

Tim checking out the lights used on “Terminator:Salvation”

The day started out with Tim meeting Scotty Waugh, one of the directors of the untitled Navy SEAL movie. Then, Tim and I viewed a variety of scenes from the movie that have not yet been color corrected and we analyzed the shots for lighting and how well the Canon 5D held up to big screen projection. The footage held up very well!

Tim and Shane screen scenes from the movie

Tim and Shane screen scenes from the movie

Then, we discussed the difference between the sensors in the Canon 5D and 7D cameras, as well as the depth of field. Tim is a huge fan of the 5D and I share his love of the big sensor.

Tim and Shane discussing the Canon 5D Mark II

Tim and Shane discussing the Canon 5D Mark II

Tim and I also discussed the nuances of lighting. He was shocked to learn that most of my films are practically lit with lights that come from Home Depot and Grainger.

d Shane discuss the power of a 1500 watt metal hallide fixture from Graing

Shane talks about the power of a 1500 watt metal hallide fixture from Grainger

The day ended with Tim examining our Hurlbut Visuals “Movie Maker in a Pelican” that will be available for rent in early 2010. He was there when our equipment came back from a Marine commercial and helped with the checking in process and organizing. Tim even offered to do lens testing over the holidays!

Tim checking out the pelican

Tim checking out the pelican

Shane and Tim discuss lens choice

Shane and Tim discuss lens choice

Thank-you Tim for spending the day with us and for your valuable contribution.

  1. Shaun 6 years ago


    If it is possible could you go into detail on a post or series of posts on how you light practically with lights from Home Depot and Grainger? I think it would be great to learn how you approach lighting in a practical way. Great site by the way.


    • Author
      Shane 6 years ago

      Shaun, we will be working on that in the new year. Thank you for your comments and interest. Happy Holidays.

  2. Pauley 6 years ago

    Hey Shane, just stopping by to say that I really enjoy your work and reading about it on this blog, keep it up!Looks like you guys had a good time.

    With the SEAL stuff wrapped up, what sorts of other projects are you now working on using the 5D/7D?

    Have you gotten a chance to use the 1D4? Despite being 1.3 crop sensor, seems like low light noise is actually better than 5D.

    Look forward to future posts.

    • Author
      Shane 6 years ago

      Pauley, Thank you so much, I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I have a Navy commercial starting on 1/3 where I am getting in a Nuclear Submarine and going under the Atlantic. Filming some covert op. I am also working on a short that I will be posting and a slew of test with the 5D, 7D, 1D vs. film. We are taking the cameras all the way to a film out and projecting them. I have tested the 1D and love it. This months newsletter will have my take on it. Make sure you sign up. I travel to the Dominican Republic in Feb. to film a commercial for “Dreams” vacation resorts.

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