"Where’s The 5D" Winner Josh’s Visit To The Set

Josh came down to San Diego on Wednesday to join the me and the Elite Team for a 5am call. He stayed at the Indigo Hotel with us (my treat) the night before because I didn’t want him to have to drive all night for such an early shoot.

Josh behind the camera making movie magic.

Josh behind the camera making movie magic.

In the morning, we lit a late afternoon day interior and talked about the different lighting options. Then, we moved to the cemetery to set up 9 cameras for the funeral shot. Josh operated a 5D with a 70-200 Canon zoom for the close-up shots of the Navy SEALS at a funeral. He also stayed on the same camera with the zoom to shoot a profile shot of the F18 flyover.

Josh in the zone feeling the shot.

Josh in the zone feeling the shot.

Setting up for the next shot.

Setting up for the next shot.

Josh and one of the Elite Team getting ready.

Josh and one of the Elite Team getting ready.

Josh surveying the next shot.

Josh surveying the next shot.

Making magic happen!

Making magic happen!

It was great to have Josh on the set with us and to get to know him better. Josh sent me a thank-you note which sums it all up in his words.

“Hi Shane,
I just wanted to say thanks again for having me on the set yesterday. I had
a great time, and it was cool to see a movie making such innovative use of
affordable new technology. I didn’t get to see that new 5d sizzle reel you
mentioned, but I’m sure I will be seeing it soon on your blog. I look
forward to seeing the film in the theater and trying to spot any footage
that came from the camera I was operating. Anyway, good luck with the rest
of the shoot, and let me know if you ever need anyone to help out again on
anything you do. I’m pretty much up for anything. Thanks again.”

  1. Dean Bull 6 years ago


    Awesome blog. I wanted to let you know that I promoted your blog to a DSLR group on facebook and after reading this post I was wondering:

    How are you handling this footage through post? Is everything getting transcoded to some intermediate codec and how monstrous is the back of the house bringing the DSLR footage to the big screen.

    – D

  2. Author
    Shane 6 years ago

    Dean, the post is a little daunting with the 30p and us Twixtoring the footage to make it 24p. 1 minute of footage equals 1 hour in converting. Yes we transcode to a codex to go into the avid. Final cut it blasts right into. The system was meant for Final cut. When you dump your footage into it, it converts it and opens up your video. When you view it on your lap top as a quicktime file, it seems very contrasty, once you put it into Final Cut, it unlocks all the blacks. We have a big house in the back. On the Navy SEAL movie we have shot an equivalence of 1.8 million feet of film.

  3. Federico 6 years ago

    Shane great blog I follow you from italy and I think what are you doing with Hdslr is great. I got a question I would like to know wich fluid head and tripod you think is the best for the 5d, and wich nikon lens (af and mf) are worth to buy?!

    Thanks (and sorry for the bad english!)

  4. Author
    Shane 6 years ago

    Federico, thank you so much, I like the O’Connor 10-30 head 50mm ball mount. Nice lightweight sticks can be bought along with it. I would go after the old AI glass. In the 1970’s Nikon made glass incredibly well, quality and craftsmanship was high. When the late 80’s and early 90’s came along they’re glass quality decreased, so that more people could afford them. I picked up a set with a 24, 28,35,50,85,105,180,200 for $500.00 on ebay. Go to Fotodiox professional Nikon to Canon adapt. They work incredibly well. The 28mm is one of Nikon’s best. The 85mm that everyone loves is there worst quality, go figure. Your English is perfect! Happy shopping.

  5. Josh Silfen 6 years ago

    Thanks again. It was fun, and I was so inspired, I just picked up my own 7d. (It may be a while until I’m shooting with that 11:1 Primo zoom again though.)

  6. Author
    Shane 6 years ago

    Josh, great to hear from you, very photogenic. Thanks for all your shots. You rocked it out. Heading to Cambodia on Saturday, go all my shots.

  7. danna kinsky 6 years ago

    Josh, you look great in all these shots of you. my fav: Josh in the zone feeling the shot.

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