"A Dark Fairy Tale"

At Hurlbut Visuals, two of our core values are commitment and collaboration. We are helping to spread the word about director Joshua Sallach’s latest movie, an untitled “Dark Fairy Tale”  project with Narrow Road Productions. Check out the inspiring story at http://www.nrpro.com/


Director Josh Sallach with Director of Photography James Kwan


Working out the fight scenes with Carlos Montoya

Joshua and his team have a can do attitude no matter what the budget. It is about great storytelling and commitment to the final product. We are donating consulting time and equipment. If you would like to join the cause, follow Joshua on Twitter http://twitter.com/jsallach or visit his website http://www.nrpro.com/ Shooting begins the first week of November, so time is of the essence!

  1. Andrea Paolini 6 years ago

    Good work! ;)

  2. softdistortion 6 years ago

    Thanks for posting this and also for supporting indie projects!

    I think we’re seeing the tip of the iceberg bloom on Indie/DSLR projects as more come to light in the next year+.

    People are excited about this revolution.

    I’m in production on one vfx sequence shot early this year on 5D mkII and in planning for our next shoot in 2010 (also 5D).

    This camera is fantastic for the work we are doing. It has some quirks , but I don’t care about that considering there is no other way to get such a beautiful shot with the budgets I’m working with.

  3. Shane 6 years ago

    softdistortion, I would love to see the VFX work you are doing with this camera. We are doing small things like line and rig removal, in after effects. Adding squib and spark hits, removing the rolling shutter in shots with automatic gun fire.

  4. softdistortion 4 years ago

    Hey Shane, sorry for such a looooong delay replying, just noticed this post and thought I would update.
    Here’s a short clip from one of the fx shots we did with the 5D.

    Also a rough tracking shot done with a 550D!

    always love seeing what you are doing…ur everywhere lately! :)

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