The Canon 5D Mark II Battles The Elements

Shooting in Puerto Rico has tested the Canon 5D Mark II with intense humidity and rain.  Yet, every time the camera has delivered.

Bike Cam

Bike Cam

We shot running footage of motorcycles speeding down roads, splitting traffic, and near misses by literally gaffer taping the Canon 5D to the motorcycle.  We started out with the standard rigging package that you would bring to mount a film camera, threw it all out and went with t-shirts for vibration dampening and gaffer tape.  KISS “keep it simple stupid” was the motto.  During shooting it started to down pour.  The camera took heavy rain for about 10 minutes until we were able to pull off the road and un-tape them.  No water damage at all.  Humidity did not seem to affect the Canon 5D Mark II, but did cause our film camera to jam and not function properly.

  1. Roanythsd 6 years ago

    I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!,

  2. Shane 6 years ago

    Roantthsd, Thank you for blogging, I hope you continue to enjoy the site. All the best, Shane

  3. arturo 6 years ago

    damm! what a nice blog and site, I was on video last 20 years, Im so excited with this new tools. Im on Argentina, at present we’re shooting a serie of documentaries about judgements over state terrorism 70’s decade.
    We choose 5D M II for low profile and no ligth needs, we use Zeiss lenses, they’re amazing and crisp with deep blues.
    Congrats Shane, this blog is a must have!

  4. Michael Greive 6 years ago

    Had to shoot a commercial in Bolivia and chose the light 5d
    because of the lack of an assistant and the high altitude.
    Still ended up bringing all of this!!!! hahahahaha

    Camera did a great job though!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  5. Shane 6 years ago

    Arturo, thank you so much for your kind words. I have put so much creative energy, passion and technical focus into this new platform. i know it is the wave of the future. I will continue to bring you the latest in cutting edge technology.

  6. Shane 6 years ago

    Michael, that is not bad at all. With 15 cameras in are arsenal and Primo Primes, it is hard to keep it small. But we use a 1-ton camera truck instead of a 10-ton, so I must be doing something right. Keep shooting, I would love to see the commercial when you get it finished.

  7. stretch ledforst 6 years ago

    Enjoying this site… where can we see some footage from the shoots you write about?


  8. Shane 6 years ago

    Stretch ledforst, I have a Navy Swimmer mountain rescue coming up. Unfortunately I cannot show anything from the movie I am working on. We are going to be putting out a trailer in Jan. I will post that when it becomes avail. I will keep updating as much as I shoot it.

  9. Andre 6 years ago

    Hi,will canon 5d mark2 work with element8(on mac)?for raw pics.?

  10. Draganche 4 years ago

    I do not know whether this is right place for that,I just ran into this….
    I wanted to share with you and all you readers.

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