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On-Set With ShaneOn Set with Shane is jam packed with visual aids, location pictures, links, and lighting schematics that share my decision making process.Power PostsWhether you are just starting out or a film professional, this advanced yet practical info. is relevant to any storyteller.Monthly PodcastHere is a unique opportunity to have a personal connection with me as your virtual mentor.In Depth TestsUsing side by side comparisons, detailed tests and audio commentary, we help you select the right camera and glass to best tell your story.Camera Profiles & LUT’SDownload the camera and monitor profiles that my team and I roll out with on a daily basis.Lighting FundamentalsLighting fundamentals can be immediately applied on set or in your computer to add subtle nuances to tell a more compelling emotional story.


Thanks for all of the details you provided Hurlbut Visuals. Pages from a masters notebook. Like ASC mag on steroids. I learned more from you in a 1/2 an hour than two years in film school with diagrams, gear and mental notes. Awesome.