I wanted to add my go to motion makers that do not break the bank to my gear bag. With simple moves, can take your story that much higher. I have assembled a group of sliders, dollies, cranes, etc.

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A whole new world of movement devices are upon us. The way that they move and feel will establish a whole new film language. They save time and increase set ups, help make impossible shots possible and expand your creativity with a device that breaks all film motion rules. Exciting times!


Great for moves that don’t require any operation. Lock the little head and crank the handle and BAM!!! You have cinematic motion added to your creation. I also use these for Over Keepers, which is giving your operators the ability to adjust without a dolly grip moving you when you are shooting a scene with over the shoulders. These two Kessler sliders you can use lightweight fluid heads on. Beefy and built to last.