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Manual Follow Focus

As essential as a cage is to your rigging support, the quality and smoothness of a good follow focus is paramount. We all know that focus is very challenging with this new digital sensor technology. The way a film camera would fall off is much different than how the 35mm sensor size chips fall off. Here are a group that I stand behind.
Letus Follow FocusLetus Follow Focus

Letus Follow Focus

Reversible gearbox
Can be mounted left or right of lens
Height adjustable
Articulating arm with anti-slip rosettes
Quick and simple mounting bracket
Rubberized focus wheel
Beveled marking disk
100% custom machined
No cheap over-the-counter parts
No re-purposed 3rd party gear boxes
Almost 0 backlash
Machined to .001mm tolerances
Rivals systems costing $1,000′s more
Satisfaction guaranteed
1:2 Gear ratio for easy focus pulls

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Redrock microFollowFocusRedrock microFollowFocus

Redrock microFollowFocus

0.8 Film Pitch Drive Gear
Backlash Dial / Integrated Hard Stops
Moveable Reinforced Focus Indicator
3D Marking Disk / Quick Release Clamp
Slack-free Flippable Gearbox
Kung Fu Rubberized Handgrip
Aluminum Construction

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Zacuto Z-FF-S Studio “Flippable” Focus Z- Focus Single Follow

Zacuto Z-FF-S Studio “Flippable” Focus Z- Focus Single Follow

Completely gear-driven design for slip free, accurate movement
Helicel gear adjustment screw to allow user to tighten up gear play
Interchangeable drives
Magnetic dry erase marking disk
Standard whip port for Zacuto, Chrosziel or Arri follow focus whips and speed cranks.
Studio 19mm/Studio 15mm rod mount
Other gears available in Fuji .6 & Canon .5 pitches

Buy the Zacuto Z-FF-S Studio “Flippable” Focus Z- Focus Single Follow:
ARRI MiniFollowFocus MFF-1

ARRI MiniFollowFocus MFF-1

Unique space-saving snap-on bridge mechanism
Plunger mechanism that engages adjustable, hard stops for lenses with infinite rotation
Reversing feature for Nikon and Leica lenses
Compatible with ARRI driver gears and knob accessories

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