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Contest – Where’s the GoPro in Need for Speed?

Need for Speed

“The Need for Speed Page on the HurlBlog”

I felt it was important to build a page that has a specific interest in the trailblazing, innovating and specifics of creating Need For Speed. So our web dream team, armed with my wife Lydia’s vision, designed a page that will be your one stop shop for all that is Need For Speed.

What’s on the Page
• All the Latest Trailers
• Behind the Scenes Videos
• Exciting BTS Photo Gallery
• Blog Posts Centered Around the Film
• Sponsor Contests
• Press Articles

Click here to go check out the new Need for Speed page!
Need for Speed page

“Where’s the GoPro? Contest”

GoPro Hero 3+

We thought it would be fun to conduct a contest with the launch of our GoPro sponsored Need for Speed page. Have any of you read about or played Where’s Waldo? when you were little? The first blog entry that Hurlbut Visuals ever posted was “Where’s the 5D?” That was four years ago while shooting of Act of Valor. That blog went viral to a point that it took down the server in less than 15 minutes. We had a surge of over 80,000 hits. I thank all of you for this incredible support.

This time we are at another crossroads. With all the amazing cameras to use as tools to help tell your story, many have not yet embraced the GoPro for 60’ cinematic release. I felt it was going to be a tool that could deliver angles that no one has ever seen and immerse an audience at speeds never experienced. WHY NOT USE THAT TOOL?

“Enter the Where’s the GoPro? Contest”

Find the GoPro Hero 3 shot(s) in the new Need for Speed SuperBowl Trailer. Submit your frame(s) by screen grabbing them and uploading them into the form below. One winner will get a new GoPro Hero 3 Plus and a half hour phone consult with me. The first person to select the correct shot(s) and answer all five of the trivia questions correctly will win.

• Contest is open February 4 through February 18 (my 50th birthday) at Midnight PST.
• Grand Prize is 1 GoPro Hero 3+ and a 1/2 hour phone consult with Shane Hurlbut, ASC.
• Open worldwide.
• One entry per person and per email address.
• Hurlbut Visuals, Revolution Cinema Rentals, Need for Speed, DreamWorks, and GoPro employees, associates and their families are not eligible to win.
• Watch the Need for Speed SuperBowl trailer (embedded below).
• With your contest entry, upload screen grab(s) of all of the GoPro shot(s) in the trailer.
• Answer all five of the trivia questions.
• The first person to enter with five correct trivia question answers and the correct GoPro screen grab(s) will be chosen as the Grand Prize winner.



Sorry, the contest is now over.


Author: Shane

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  1. This was great fun, Shane! Thanks for doing this (and an even bigger thanks for your blog in general)! :)

    Keep up the good work!

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    • A great idea for a contest…Can’t wait to see it on the big screen…

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    • Simon Shasha, you are very welcome, we love sharing, caring and mentoring all of you. My passion doesn’t stop at cinematography. Thanks for your kind words

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  2. Is the winner selected or we should still hope?

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  3. Just got my entry in. I love your works sir!

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    • Femi, thank you for you entry and thank you for the kind words

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  4. Thanks for the opportunity and fun contest! I really liked this trailer of Need for Speed.

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    • Morgan Simpson, you are very welcome, thanks for the support

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  5. Shane, Amazing work. Your ability to take a directors vision and bring it to life on the big screen is unmatched by anyone in the industry today. Keep up the amazing work. And looking forward to future Revolution Cinema Rental Educational Events this year.

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    • Marvin Malzahn, thank you for those kind words of support. I will keep blazing and I look forward to many more in 2014.

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  6. The only tool I’ll keep forever is my mind. Thanks Shane for helping me keep it sharp!

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    • Connor, you are so welcome, exactly!!!! thanks for the kind words and support

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  7. I’ve never analyzed a trailer frame by frame before. That was fun, and a lot tougher than I thought. Especially knowing the kind of post tricks you guys have up your sleeves. But still, I think there’s a few things that only the GoPro does. I would love you to break those down… after the contest of course.

    Happy Birthday!

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    • Jonathan, you bet I would love to do that, great idea, thank you for the birthday wishes and thank you for the kind words

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  8. Can’t wait to see the correct answers for this! Really enjoyed doing it and have had my fingers crossed all week. Would be great to see more of this kind of thing, even if it’s just for fun! Thanks, Shane!

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    • Dean, there is much more on the way and I thank you for your support and playing

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