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Lighting The Ticket


Just a quick note to let you know that I joined host Paul Antico on the NeedCreative Podcast again this week. Really great show. We talked about the art and science of cinematography and then did a mini-workshop. I go into story scenarios and how I would light and lens them.

Some of the topics covered include: shooting handheld versus on a dolly or sticks; working with scopes versus your eye; the critical importance of a light meter; lighting with the newest digital cameras; 4K cameras; what we are using on Need for Speed; knowing the role of the DP; and “lightmares.” Then he put me on the spot with scenarios like shooting a fight scene between lovers in a parked car, a character’s journey through their past, and shooting a country music video on a porch.

Listen to podcast episode 37, “Hurlbut Returns”:
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You can subscribe to the NeedCreative podcast feed directly in the iTunes store.

Thanks again to Paul. Enjoy. Also check out Episode 36 with Rodney Charters, ASC.

Lighting The Ticket

Lighting The Ticket


Author: Shane

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  1. As always Shane, enjoyed listening to every minute of your podcast. If I ever make it as a filmmaker, I owe a big chunk of it to you, thank you.

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    • Fiftybob. Thank you so much for the kind words and support.

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  2. Mr. Shane thanks for this amazing blog i’m learning allot… my dream is to be a cinematographer one day.. i’m from Lebanon(middle east) and where i leave u cant find a mentor or someone to lead u cause sadly the D.O.P s hear want advice u cause they are afraid if they do we might take their job one day… so basically i’m on my own and i need a help from you… what can i do or read to improve my skills and vision… i already read (five C’s of cinematography) and i’m reading your blog on daily basis…. Thank you

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  3. And PLEASE i really wanna know when will u make your next workshop for young wanna be cinematographers because i wanna be there when that happens. no matter how far i have to travel… Thank you

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    • Ashraf Zeineddine. I’ll be doing one in the fall of 2013. Will keep you posted.

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  4. Shane,

    I love behind the scenes stills! I learn so much from them without one word being written about them. I study the BTS image and see where the lights and grip gear is and where the camera is in relation – so much a person can learn from just one BTS still. Thanks again from Jerusalem, Israel!

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    • Aviv Vana. Thank you for the kind words and support.

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  5. Thanks Shane , learning a lot from you , You rock!!

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    • Manoj Narula. Thanks for the kind words and support.

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