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American Cinematographer Podcast on Shooting Deadfall

I hope you’ve had a chance to go see Deadfall in the theater or download it on iTunes. American Cinematographer recently produced a podcast about shooting the film — “going inside the visual landscape of a suspense filled winter wonderland.”

In the interview, Jim Helphill talks with me about how I select the best equipment for each film, the choice of mixing film capture with DSLR cameras, and how this affects workflow.

With Director Stefan Ruzowitzky

With Director Stefan Ruzowitzky


Download or listen on iTunes here:

When we were shooting in Montreal, the production was known as “Kin” and stars Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde. You may enjoy these previous blog posts and the video about spinning a Lincoln Town Car on a BBQ rotisserie rig.


Blog posts:

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Making Deadfall

Making Deadfall

Making Deadfall

Making Deadfall

Making Deadfall

Author: Shane

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  1. Love the sauna haha!

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    • Iain Trimble, ha ha, its is where it all happens

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  2. Aaaahh, so THIS was “Kin”. Gotcha’
    Really enjoyed this film too; was watching it w/ my Ms. a few weeks ago. It has a unique look to it w/ the skin tones. Does this have anything to do w/ the overexposure metering, then pulling back down in post that I heard about?

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    • KahL, thank you so much, yes it had everything to do with just that

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  3. Shane,

    It’s like you and I are in simpatico the last two weeks. I was listening to the interview today and heard you talk about the color temperature of daylight and how that played into Deadfall. This last weekend I had a nothing-to-do day and decided to take a picture of the color of daylight every half hour. Cool coincidence, eh? The latest entry on my blog shows a composite picture of each time stamp using multiple pictures of a neutral gray chart. It was interesting to capture the blue of early morning, orange of daybreak, the orange then purple of sun set. I obviously obsess over lighting too much and need a new hobby/therapy. Thanks for all the great information/new stuff to obsess about.

    S. Allman

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    • S. Allman. Very cool. Thanks for the comment and support.

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  4. Shane,

    Just wanted to say that your one of my Idols and as a senior in high school I have to say that every post you do is so inspiring! Thank you for all your posts. Its really cool to be able to see and learn all this stuff!


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    • Isaac. Thanks so much for the kind words and support.

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